Explore Norfolk VA’s Best Waterfront Properties – A Guide to Living ‘By the Waterside’

The USS Wisconsin in Norfolk. you can see the waterside homes for sale in the back across the water

Waterfront Homes for Sale in Norfolk VA

If you’re in the market for one of the waterfront homes for sale in Norfolk VA, there’s no better time to invest! You will love being able to enjoy the best things to do in Norfolk in one of the many waterfront properties for sale.

With views of the Elizabeth River and easy access to the waterfront lifestyle, Norfolk Real Estate is the perfect choice for anyone who loves outdoor activities, window gazing, boating or just relaxing by the water, Norfolk’s waterfront homes offer something for everyone.

So if you’re ready to discover the charm of living on the water, start your search for waterfront homes for sale in Norfolk today! With so many great options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect waterfront home in the city to meet your needs and lifestyle.

If you are also interested in Virginia Beach waterfront for sale, we have you covered there too!

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sunset on some of the most beautiful homes for sale in Norfolk va. here you an also see waterside, big boats, and carnival rides

Norfolk Waterfront Homes For Sale

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Introducing Norfolk VA – A Waterfront Haven for Home Buyers 

Welcome to Norfolk, Virginia – a city with a unique blend of history, culture, and scenic views. Located in the heart of the 7 cities in Hampton Roads, Norfolk offers homebuyers the chance to live a life of waterfront bliss. Known for its miles of river and bay frontage, the city presents unparalleled opportunities for boating, fishing, and other watersports.

Not only is Norfolk a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, but it also boasts a vibrant downtown scene filled with arts, entertainment, and plenty of dining options. Norfolk is also home to several naval bases and maintains a strong sense of patriotism and history, including the iconic Battleship Wisconsin.

Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or looking for a new place to call home, Norfolk is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking a coastal lifestyle that’s both culturally rich and endlessly entertaining. And the property value in Hampton Roads is always rising making waterfront condos for sale in Norfolk VA an excellent decision.

Explore the Benefits of Living in Downtown Norfolk

If you’re someone who enjoys being in the heart of the action, living in downtown Norfolk might just be your ideal setting. Not only are you surrounded by an abundance of stellar dining, shopping, and entertainment options, but you also have access to some of the city’s most picturesque parks and waterways.

Whether you’re looking for a lively night out with friends or a peaceful stroll along the Elizabeth River, downtown Norfolk truly offers the best of both worlds. And with easy access to public transportation, you can easily explore all that the city has to offer.

From the thriving arts scene to the lively local festivals, there is always something exciting happening downtown. So why not take advantage of all the benefits that come with living in the heart of Norfolk’s vibrant city center?

Why Choose a Waterfront Homes Norfolk VA Over Other Areas 

When it comes to finding the perfect home, the type of real estate and the location both play a major role in the decision-making process. And if you’re in search of a serene and luxurious lifestyle, waterfront homes in Norfolk, VA should definitely be on your radar.

Living by the water offers numerous benefits, from stunning views to easy access to recreational activities like boating and fishing. What sets buying a house in Norfolk apart from other areas is the unique blend of natural beauty and urban conveniences. You can indulge in a peaceful day on the beach, then head to the city for a night out on the town.

Plus, the Norfolk housing market is on the rise, making it a smart investment for homeowners. So why choose waterfront homes in Norfolk, VA over other areas? It’s simple – you get the best of both worlds.

Considerations When Purchasing Norfolk Waterfront Homes for Sale

Purchasing a waterfront home in Norfolk can be an exciting prospect, but it can also be overwhelming. There are several considerations that you should keep in mind before making a commitment to a property. If this is your first real estate venture follow our 10 steps to buy a house in VA to make sure you are on the right track.

Firstly, ensure that you have access to a reliable and reputable real estate agent. This will help ensure that you can navigate the market efficiently and make an informed decision. Secondly, consider the location of the property. Is it conveniently situated near necessary amenities and infrastructure such as hospitals, shopping centers, and schools? Take a deep dive into some of the best neighborhoods in Hampton Roads.

Finally, consider the features of the property that will make it a desirable location for you. Would you prefer a property that has a private dock or beachfront, for instance? Once you have taken care of these considerations, you will be well on your way to selecting the perfect Norfolk waterfront home. 

Types of Waterfront Homes in Norfolk Va

Norfolk, Virginia is truly a waterfront paradise. Residents have the luxury of enjoying miles of sandy beaches and access to the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean. This makes living in a waterfront home in Norfolk a dream come true for many.

Whether you’re interested in a cozy cottage or one of the luxury homes for sale in Norfolk VA, there are a variety of stunning waterfront homes to choose from. For those who prefer a more urban feel, Downtown Norfolk provides a lively atmosphere with luxurious high-rise condos in Norfolk, while the peaceful suburbs offer sprawling waterfront estates. For laid-back beach life, you may want to look into the waterfront homes for sale in ocean-view Norfolk VA!

From modern and sleek to charming and traditional, Norfolk has something for everyone looking to live the waterfront lifestyle. As an authority in the area, I can assure you that investing in a waterfront home in Norfolk is a wise choice for those seeking a tranquil yet exciting place to call home.

a blue and purple and pink house at the water in norfolk va.

Financing and Taxes When Purchasing a Norfolk Waterfront Home

So you finally decided to purchase one of the waterfront homes for sale in Norfolk va. This is the start of a very exciting venture! But don’t forget about financing and taxes. As an authority on buying real estate in Virginia, I want to give you friendly advice and ensure that you make an informed decision.

Purchasing a Norfolk waterfront home requires attention to detail in terms of financing and property tax. Calculating the costs and understanding the tax implications can save you from future financial setbacks. Your dream of owning a waterfront home is achievable, and with the right information and guidance, you’ll be able to make your purchase with confidence and security.

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Now that you know more about waterfront homes for sale in Norfolk VA please contact us, at Hawkins Group with any questions you may have. We will happily set up times for you to tour any of your favorite homes. Norfolk is one of our favorite Hampton Roads cities, and we always stay on top of real estate trends and market changes.

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