Virginia Beach Waterfront Real Estate: Enjoy the Salt Life with a View

Purchasing Virginia Beach waterfront real estate is always a good idea! Virginia Beach is one of the biggest cities in Hampton Roads and is a coastal gem that boasts a stunning array of waterfront properties.

Imagine owning a stunning beachfront condo where you can watch the colorful sunrise over the ocean or a secluded bayfront estate where you can enjoy unobstructed views. The options for Virginia Beach waterfront real estate are as diverse as the coastal landscape itself.

As local real estate agents in Virginia Beach, we can help find you the perfect waterfront homes for sale in Virginia Beach VA.

a beautiful kitchen over looking the waterfront in virginia beach

Virginia Beach Waterfront Real Estate

Introduction to Virginia Waterfront Real Estate

Virginia Beach, or VB as the locals like to say, is nestled along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, Chesapeake Bay, Lynnhaven River, and the Intracoastal Waterway. Making Virginia Beach waterfront real estate the perfect choice for those seeking a blend of coastal southern living and luxurious waterfront lifestyles.

Whether you’re gazing at the endless horizon of the Atlantic, witnessing breathtaking sunsets over the bay, or admiring the serenity of a riverfront landscape, Virginia waterfront real estate offers unmatched views and vibes.

a seafront living room in Virginia Beach. with a blue couch and waterfront real estate

Virginia Beach real estate for sale waterfront

Benefits of Living at the Virginia Beach Waterfront

There are several benefits to purchasing Virginia Beach waterfront real estate. The first is that are so many different things to do in Virginia Beach all year long. VB is not like most southern beach towns because they do not close down in the winter months. And the locals love this time of the year. It is when we really get to enjoy our backyard without the crowds.

From spring events to the best things to do around the holidays, you will never be bored living at one of the waterfront homes in Virginia Beach. Plus, living at the oceanfront you will have easy access to the best dining and entertainment options around because all of the biggest concerts and events take place on the oceanfront.

And there are waterfront restaurants, cafes, and bars with breathtaking views along with delicious dishes all within walking distance of many of the Virginia Beach homes for sale.

Explore the Different Neighborhoods with Waterfront Real Estate in Virginia Beach

  1. Chesapeake Beach
  2. Ocean Front
  3. Croatan
  4. Sandbridge Beach
  5. Great Neck Point
  6. Linkhorn Estates
  7. Bay Island
  8. Broad Bay Estates
  9. Little Neck
  10. Alanton
the beautiful neighborhoods with Virginia Beach waterfront real estate
  1. Lynnhaven Shore
  2. Kings Grant
  3. Church Point
  4. Wolfsnare Plantation
  5. Cape Story by the Sea
  6. Chesapeake Colony
  7. Princess Anne Hills
  8. Shadowlawn
  9. Bay Colony
  10. Baylake Pines and Baylake Beach

For a local and laid-back place to live you will love the chicks beach waterfront homes for sale. You can find a large variety of homes here. From old-school duplexes to condos, to large 3-story beach houses.

There is a mix of all types of locals, from retired beach lovers, navy families, young professionals, and families with salt in their hair. After you spend time at the Virginia Beach waterfront Real Estate you will understand the local saying of “no bay days” at chicks beach.

Chesapeake Bay waterfront homes for sale in Virginia.

Another place to consider is the oceanfront homes for sale in Sandbridge Beach.

sunset at some of the prettiest Virginia Beach real estate on the ocean

Sandbridge is a great place to live or purchase Virginia Beach waterfront Real Estate for an investment. Although Sandbridge is on the mainland, it feels more like an island. There is one long road in and one long road out. With the Atlantic Ocean on one side and back bay national wildlife refuge on the other. It is a locals oasis that is a wonderful place to start searching for a waterfront home in va Beach.

Trends in Virginia Beach Real Estate

There are a few trends to keep in mind when looking for real estate information about waterfront homes in Virginia Beach.

  1. Strong demand: Real estate in Virginia Beach has a strong and stable real estate market. There will always be a consistent demand for properties. VBs coastal location, warm climate, and fun amenities make VB a perfect place to live or invest in waterfront real estate.
  2. Home appreciation: Over the years, Virginia Beach has experienced steady home appreciation rates. While market conditions do vary, historically, property values increase over time. Be sure to learn a bit about property tax before you make your big Virginia Beach waterfront Real Estate purchase.
  3. Military presence: Virginia Beach is home to several military installations. Including the Naval Air Station Oceana and Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story. The military presence contributes to the local economy and creates demand for Virginia Beach waterfront real estate.
  4. Seasonal fluctuations: Like many coastal cities, Virginia Beach experiences seasonal fluctuations in its real estate market. The summer months see increased activity and demand due to tourism and vacation home rentals.

Tips from a Virginia Beach real estate agent

If this is your first time buying a home in Virginia, you need our 10 steps to buy a home! After you review these steps take a look below for other tips for the Va Beach waterfront homes for sale:

  • Research flood zones and insurance
  • Consider shoreline erosion and stabilization
  • Understand waterfront access and rights
  • Research your property boundaries and setbacks
  • Consider future development and zoning
  • Be prepared for maintenance and lifestyle changes

Waterfront Activities in VB

There are endless waterfront activities in Virginia Beach. From Christmas lights on the beach to July 4th fireworks, there is something fun to look forward to every month of the year!

Besides events, you can also look forward to getting outside and enjoying mother nature. Some of the most popular activities are surfing, kayaking, fishing, trail walking and running, bird watching, and simply sunbathing.

There are also world-class restaurants with a view, various marathons throughout the year, fun food fests, and wine and beer tours.

sunset at a fishing pier with someone fishing from the end. this is one of the benefits of waterfront Virginia Beach real estate

How to Maintain Virginia Beach Oceanfront Real Estate

  1. Exterior Cleaning: Regularly clean the exterior surfaces of your property to remove salt residue, sand, and other debris. Pressure washing can be an effective and fast method for cleaning surfaces.
  2. Regular Inspections: Salt water will be rough for wear. You need to have regular inspections to catch any damage caused by saltwater, wind, or sand. You also need to pay close attention to the roof, windows, siding, decks, and any other exposed areas.

    Saltwater can also cause corrosion and damage to metal components of your property. Regularly inspect metal fixtures, such as railings, hinges, and door handles. Cover them with protective coatings or rust inhibitors to minimize damage.
  3. Storm Preparation: Although Virginia Beach always seems to miss the big storms, it is still susceptible to tropical storms and hurricanes. You must have a storm preparedness plan in place.

    Secure your outdoor furniture, install strong storm shutters, and reinforce exterior doors and windows. and you must keep your trees and shrubs trimmed to minimize potential damage.
  4. Proper Waterfront Landscaping: To keep your curb appeal you should choose salt-tolerant plants and landscaping materials that can withstand the coastal environment.

    Consider using native plants to VA that have adapted to the local conditions and require less maintenance. Another thing to keep in mind to proper irrigation and drainage systems to manage excess moisture.
  5. HVAC Maintenance: Salt-laden air can be detrimental to HVAC systems. Regularly clean and maintain your heating and cooling systems to prevent salt and debris buildup. Consider installing corrosion-resistant coatings or filters designed for Virginia Beach Waterfront real estate.
  6. Flood Insurance Coverage: Find the best insurance policy that provides coverage for the risks associated with oceanfront properties. This includes flood damage and windstorm coverage. Review your policy regularly to ensure it aligns with your needs.
a house at the Lynnhaven river in Virginia Beach

Contact Us to See any of these Virginia Waterfront Homes for Sale

Give us a call, email, or text, and one of the buyers’ agents will reach out to you and start the process of finding you your dream house in VB. We can attend open houses, make appointments to tour homes, or just chat about Virginia Beach waterfront homes for sale!

Is Virginia Beach a buyer’s market?

As of May 2023, Virginia Beach is currently a buyer’s market. This simply means that there is a bigger supply of homes for sale in VA Beach than there are buyers. The Virginia Beach real estate market is always strong, and it is a wonderful time to buy a home.

How is the housing market in Virginia Beach?

The Housing Market in Virginia Beach will always be strong. In 2023, the medium listing home price in Virginia Beach, VA is about $350,000 and is on the uptick. Every year you can expect a 7.7% increase year-over-year. Buying a waterfront home in Virginia Beach is always a good investment, no matter if you are looking for a few of the cheap waterfront homes for sale, or if you wanted to be a bit much luxurious.

Can you swim in Virginia Beach?

Yes, you can swim in Virginia Beach! And there are many different beaches to explore. The oceanfront has decent size waves, but they are definitely still swimmable. The Chesapeake Bay has no waves and is a family-friendly waterfront to bring your children or relax in the water yourself.

Do Virginia Beach houses have basements?

No, most Virginia Beach houses do not have basements. This is due to the water levels rising over the years. If you do find a historic house for sale in Virginia Beach, the basement might have been filled in over the years. There are a few hidden gems that still have basements, but no most Virginia waterfront real estate will not have basements.

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