Why You Need a Real Estate Agent in Virginia Beach

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If you are looking for a Real estate agent in Virginia Beach, Niquo Hawkins is your man. Niquo grew up in the area and has dealt with just about anything and everything you could ever think of. There are quite a few different factors that you need to consider when thinking of buying a home in VB. Plus, some really cool things about living life at the beach.

Here is a breakdown of some of the things that you may not have thought of, but are super important, when purchasing a home in VB. Niquo is one of the top real estate agents in Virginia Beach and will be there every step of the way to help you find your perfect home.

Beautiful pier at the VB oceanfront. Real estate agent in Virginia Beach

Real Estate Agent in Virginia Beach

Jet Noise From the Fighter Jets in Virginia Beach

Did you know that Hampton Roads has 15 different installations of Military bases scattered around? And one of the biggest ones is at the Virginia Beach oceanfront, the Naval Air Station Oceana. This creates Jet Noise almost daily down at the oceanfront. Although you do get used to this noise of freedom, it can be a bit loud.

If you have your heart set on living by the water there are plenty of alternatives to the oceanfront. This is why you need the help of one of the best real estate agents in Virginia beach VA to show you all of the bodies of water you could purchase your new house.

A big jet in Virginia Beach Virginia

Water Level Concerns

You could think that in a town called Virginia Beach you would have to worry about flooding and water levels rising, but surprisingly there are only a few neighborhoods that flood regularly. Norfolk, especially downtown can be much more of a flood risk.

You will have to ask Niquo who is a top real estate agent in Virginia Beach what neighborhoods are safe and do not flood after a big rain storm. He can also advise you on which beaches and bay areas would be the best to purchase a house.

A pier to walk out on the sand in VB

Different Types of Neighborhoods of Virginia Beach

There are also many different types of neighborhoods in VB. It would be best to try and find a knowledgeable real estate agent in Virginia beach to help you sort your way through.

There are plenty of different factors to think about when picking out a neighborhood. If you are searching for a family home there are wonderful neighborhoods in all different price ranges. Fun and vibrant neighborhoods are found throughout VB.

Town Center VB is full of some of the best shopping and restaurants. A spacious condo would work best if you were looking for a space down in the heart of the city. But, you could also find a lovely house that is just blocks away and still walkable.

If you did not already know there is also an area of Virginia Beach called Pungo where you could live out in the country. It is the most southern neighborhood and it would be a wonderful place to call home if you are looking to get out of the hustle and bustle of city life.

A neighborhood drone shot. A real estate agent in Virginia Beach can help you find a neighborhood like this.

Amazing Public School Districts

Virginia Beach has 55 elementary schools, 15 middle schools, and 12 different public high schools. Each high school has its own academies. Students narrow down their studies and focus on what they are interested in. If your child gets into one of these academies it is possible that they could graduate with an associate’s degree and get a jump start on their higher education.

If private school is more your route you would be surprised to learn that there are over 60 different options to choose from. From large schools that have K-12 options to smaller private schools with just a few students in each class.

If you were interested in buying a home based on school districts you will want to check with one of the real estate agents in Virginia Beach to find the best area for you and your children to live in.

a young boy at a public school

Local Beach Life

There is nothing better than heading out with the whole family for a beach day. And if you moved to Virginia Beach you would have so many different beaches to choose from. The most popular beach with tourists and locals alike is the oceanfront.

This is where you find the iconic boardwalk that stretches over 30 blocks. Besides the beach, there are also local restaurants, boutiques, and a lovely vibe district where local artists have painted murals to brighten up the city.

a pier in Virginia Beach

Another popular beach to visit is known as Chic’s Beach. The locals here have their own motto, “No Bad Days”. This beautiful sandy beach is on the Chesapeake Bay. It is the perfect beach to go to with children or if you want to relax in the water all day. There are never any waves and you can swim out so much further than the ocean.

If you are looking to get into surfing then the best beach for you would be Sandbridge. This is where all the local’s surfers head out to find the best breaks. You will have to decide which beach is your favorite and then ask your real estate agent in Virginia Beach to help you find a house nearby.

Things to do in Virginia Beach

There are so many different things to do in Virginia Beach. No matter what your favorite hobbies are you are sure to find a group or meet up to join. There are running clubs, gardening clubs, and a huge sportsplex where you can sign up to play your favorite sport after work or during the weekends.

It seems like almost every weekend one of the cities in Hampton Roads is putting on some sort of festival. Virginia Beach hosts the East Coast Surfing Competition every year in August. This is the biggest surfing competition on the entire East Coast. It is always so much fun to head down to the oceanfront to watch.

You can also check out Wine Fest, Neptune Festival, The Boardwalk Art show and so much more. No matter what time of the year, especially Christmas, it is there is always something going on. Check back with your real estate agent in Virginia Beach from time and time if you need to find something fun to do.

surfers in the morning light

Lively Food Scene

You can find almost every different type of cuisine in Virginia Beach. There are trendy restaurants all over serving up your favorite southern food with a modern twist. You can also find local staples for Italian at places like YNOT. For Mexican food, you will want to head to the local chain of Plaza Azteca and for chicken wings, you will want to try The Dirty Buffalo. And of course, there is fresh seafood to enjoy all over the city.

There are always fun new restaurants in Virginia Beach popping up to try. Once you use one of the best real estate agents in Virginia Beach to find your new home you are going to have to try out a few places until your find your favorite spot.

seafood in vb

Diverse Population

Virginia Beach has one of the most diverse populations in all of the VA. This is because of the big military population that is stationed in Norfolk. A large number of men and women who get stationed in Norfolk decide to retire and stay in the area. This is one of the best reasons to move to VB. It is a big melting pot of different cultures and creates a vibrant and diverse population.


There are so many different reasons why you would want to hire a Real estate agent in Virginia Beach. You will need help managing all of the details listed here, and so many other factors that were not touched on. But one thing is for sure, once you decide to take the leap to VB you may never leave!

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