Explore the Best Luxury Homes for Sale in Norfolk VA

a big beautiful homes for sale in norfolk with a blue pool and lounger chairs

At the Hawkins Group, we love showing you all the luxury homes for sale in Norfolk VA. Norfolk is one of the oldest cities in Virginia and has many vibrant communities with luxury estates in Norfolk.

From the historic Ghent neighborhood to the beach houses in East Beach or the waterfront homes for sale in Norfolk VA’s Larchmont neighborhood, there is always a large variety of luxury homes to explore.

We are experienced buyers agent and luxury properties are favorite type of real estate to navigate in Norfolk. From waterfront family homes to luxurious condos we navigated every type of real estate transaction in Norfolk.

We also love working with first time home buyers, and have a system set up in place with 10 easy steps on how to buy a house in Virginia!

Luxury Homes for Sale in Norfolk VA

a big beautiful living room in one of the luxury homes for sale in Norfolk VA. with a gray couch, brick walls, and a beautiful kitchen

New Homes for Sale in Norfolk VA

Neighborhoods with the most Luxury Homes for sale in Norfolk VA

With so many things to do in Norfolk, its not wonder people are flocking from all over to live in this coastal VA town.

The Ghent neighborhood in is where you can find the most luxury apartments for sale Norfolk, VA. Located right in the heart of the downtown area, Ghent is a historic community with so much character.

East Beach is a great up and coming neighborhood near the base. With a large number of beach mansions in norfolk where you can hear the waves crashing on the shore from the deck.

And there are more and more homes for sale Ocean View Norfolk VA that are being remodled and ready for luxurious living. Or if you are looking for cheap mansions for sale in Virginia, Ocean View could be an excellent place to start.

Norfolk is home to some of the best neighborhoods in Hampton Roads.

Architectural Types of the Different Luxury Homes for Sale in Norfolk VA

Since Norfolk was founded back in 1682 there are have been many different types of architectural eras Below are the most commonly found types of real estate in Norfolk.

Historic Colonial Homes is oldest type of Architecture found throughout the streets of Norfolk. These homes often have simple but impressive symmetrical facades. The Moses Myers House and St. Pauls Espiscoal Church are wonderful examples of how Colonial style architecture.

Federal Style was popular in Norfolk during the 18 and 19th century. To be considered federal style the home hs to have balanced proportions, classic motfis. Check out the Willoughby-Baylor House in Norfolk VA for a perfect example of Federal style.

Greek Revival became popular in the early to mid 19th century and is inspired by grand columns with symmetrical designs. The Norfolk City Hall has greek columns and is one of the prettiest buildings in downtown Norfolk.

a beautiful church in the best part of luxury homes of sale in Norfolk. This church was built back in the 1600 and is so beautiful.

Art Deco seems to be everyone’s favorite retro style in 2023. This vibrant style emerged in the 1920s to the 30s with bold and bright colors. Often paired with sleek and geometric shapes. The Wells Theatre in Norfolk showcase the Art Deco style perfectly.

Gothic Revival was also popular in the mid-19th century homes built. Look for pointed arches, ribbed vaulets and orante details, and maybe even a few gargulous on the roofs, and you have yourself a Gothic style house. St. Marys Catholic Church is a perfect example of the gothic period Norfolk went through.

There are also going to be contemporary, luxurious homes for sale in Norfolk VA. If Norfolk knows how to do anything, its how to stay up with the current trends and fads in the real estate world.

Expert Tips for Buying Luxury Homes for Sale in Virginia

The Hawkins Group is one of the best luxury home sellers in Virginia. We are here to provide you expertise we have learned along the way. The first thing to do is determine the overall budget. This includes getting preapproved for a mortgage, assessing your ability to handle maintenance and ongoing costs.

The next thing after you get preapproved is to familiarize yourself with the neighborhoods in Norfolk and find a few that met your families needs. A few imporant factors to think about is schools and community features.

You will also want to do your due diligence before finizling your luxury Norfolk real estate purchase. A property inspection is a must, as well as collecting any history you can find on your new home.

Investment Potential & Resale Value of Luxury Homes for sale Norfolk VA

A big factor for investment potienal and resale value is to understand the property value in Hampton roads. Norfolk is a great place for an investment property because the Norfolk rental market is strong. This is due to the Naval Station and the growing economy.

Another great reason for investing in one of the luxury homes for sale in Norfolk VA is the centralized location. Norfolk is in the center of Hampton Roads, you can easily reach Chesapeake, VB, and Newport News within 20 to 30 minutes.

There are plenty of Hampton roads events to keep you busy all year long. With a strong, and friendly community.

Ready to Buy or Sell in Norfolk

Are you ready to embark on your home search to find one of the homes for sale in Norfolk Virginia? The Hawkins Group can also help if you are thinking of selling your luxury property in Norfolk. Head over to our page to find out how much is your Norfolk VA home is worth.

Never worked with a real estate agent before? We have you covered on that aspect too! Take a look at our article detailed on what services real estate agents provide, to get a better understanding of how our process works.

You may also like these homes for sale near Norfolk vaLuxury waterfront homes in Virginia Beach.

Is Norfolk VA a good place to invest in real estate?

Yes! Buying one of the homes for sale norfolk, VA is always a good idea. Norfolks population is made up of ideal renters. There are mulplite colleges with large bodies of students. And the Norfolk Naval Station is the biggest base in America. Which means that there is always going to be young professionals looking for a place to rent before becoming home owners themself.

Is Norfolk VA a good city to live in?

Yes. Norfolk VA is a good city to live in. There is so much to do in Norfolk and it has a vibrant coastal lifestyle. Norfolk’s location along the Chesapeake bay and Atlantic makes it a perfect location to enjoy the many beaches.

And on the other hand, the downtown area is a rich culture scene. With art galleries, music venues, Norfolk Scope, and even a branch of the Virginia Opera.

Granby street in norfolk VA at night time with fun blue neon lights and a brew house

Where are the most luxurious homes in US?

The most luxurious houses in the US are found in Norfolk VA. This is one of the oldest cities in all of the US. Other than that, there are luxurious homes in Beverelly Hills CA, Aspen Colorado, and Manhattan NY.

Does Virginia have mansions?

Yes! Virginia has a wonderful mix of luxury, historic, and modern homes for sale. Most of the mansions in Virginia were built with either Colonial, Georgian, to Greek architectural styles. A few mansion in VA to tour are Monticello, Mount Vernon, Agecroft Hall, and Maymont.

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