Quick Guide: What Homeowners Need to Know About Property Value in Hampton Roads

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Are you considering buying a home in Hampton Roads, VA and want to know the property value trends of the region? If so, then this blog post is for you! All eyes are on Virginia these days thanks to its booming real estate market.

It is a good time for people looking to invest in property here. Knowing what trends are driving the growth of local housing markets as well as strategies that can help homeowners remain ahead of them will put buyers and sellers alike in a stronger position when it comes time to make decisions.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some insider secrets that will help riders catch the wave of increasing or decreasing home values and reap financial rewards along their journey.

What are Mortgage Interest Rates and Property Value Trends

Mortgage Interest Rates

If you’re a prospective homeowner in Hampton Roads, property value trends and mortgage interest rates are probably two of your main concerns. Mortgage interest rates, which are set by the lender, affect the total cost of the loan and your monthly payments.

The rate of interest can be fixed or adjustable; it is determined by a variety of factors like your credit score, the amount of the loan, the term of the loan, and current market conditions. Knowing both property value trends and attractive mortgage interest rates in Hampton Roads is essential for making an informed decision before investing in property.

Property Value Trends

Property value trends around the nation can help buyers and sellers of real estate plan their strategies more accurately. As interest rates on mortgages fluctuate, so too do property values depending on the current economy and housing demand.

By keeping an eye on property value trends in Hampton Roads, both buyers and sellers can gain an advantage in the real estate market- stay one step ahead by gaining a comprehensive understanding of property values in order to take control of their investment decisions.

Knowledge of property trends can be essential for finding great property buys or getting maximum returns from a property sale – don’t miss out!

Property Value in Hampton Roads: Housing Prices

Many have feared the worst when considering housing markets across the nation. But forget those worries! Although home price appreciation is slowing in 2023, the median sale price as of this year is sitting at roughly $300,000 in Hampton Roads.

A low supply and still-strong demand mean that an imminent crash of property value is highly unlikely. Don’t miss out on great property values and a strong market, book an appointment so we can explore the market together!

Property Value in Hampton Roads: Home Sales

Despite the current high-interest rates in Hampton Roads, the future looks bright for home sales in the area. Anticipating such, experts predict that numbers may take a small dip of 5-7%, though with stabilizing mortgage rates in 2023 there could be an enormous increase in sale demand.

The good news here is, this brings hope and confidence back to buyers during what may have been a market downturn. If stability is achieved by 2023 and beyond, this means more people will feel comfortable investing their time and energy into searching for and buying homes. Hopefully, increasing sales in Hampton Roads – a truly positive outlook!

Current Housing Inventory

Interest in the housing market for Hampton Roads as of January was reaching a higher level. With new listings only down 10% compared to the same time last year, and current contracts pending sale only down 1%. This signals that Hampton Roads real estate is stable and resisting the pressures of the wider economic downturn that has seen many areas experience a decrease in overall property activity. It’s an exciting time for buyers or sellers in the area to take advantage of all of the market activity taking place.

Bottom Line: Hampton Roads Property Value Outlook

There is hope for home buyers in 2023! Competition still exists, but there is an anticipated slowdown that will allow more flexibility in the market. This should make the market easier to navigate and allow buyers more time to process before deciding to make an offer.

Investors are expected to get more opportunities to negotiate with sellers as well. Make sure you work with a trusted real estate agent by your side so you can make the best offer possible. With interest rates currently cooling off demand, now is a great time to start considering whether twenty-twenty-three will be your year!

If you would like to discuss property value in Hampton Roads even further, or the market trends in general, please feel free to contact me at any time or book an appointment!

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