Homes for Sale in Hilton Village

a beautiful ship in the ship yard. find one of the homes for sale in Hilton village, it is very close by

Homes for Sale in Hilton Village

You are in the right place to find the most recent homes for sale in Hilton Village.  This is a family-friendly neighborhood with a great academic reputation. Fun fact, Hilton Village was one first planned communities in America, and you can feel the history.

There are about 473 homes here that were built by ship workers during World War I. More than incredible history you will find great shopping, dining, and access to the James River. 

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Hilton Village has a small population of only 4,000 residents. It is best known for its unique architecture around town. It was heavily influenced by the arts and crafts movement back in the early 1900s. There are many families here that work at the Newport News shipyard because it is very close to the base. The shipyard is a top employer in Hampton Roads. They offer high-paying jobs, with amazing paying internships. Once you are in at the Shipyard, you will have an amazing career with great benefits. 

There is a also super cute old town in Hilton Village with local restaurants, shops, and businesses. If you are looking for a tight-knit neighborhood take a look at the homes for sale in Hilton Village because you will love it here. 

The Hilton Village population is served by the Newport News Public School system, as well as many private schools. Please reach out today if you are thinking of making the move to one of the historic homes in Hilton Village. We will stay on top of the market, and help you find your dream home. 

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