14 Best Neighborhoods in Chesapeake VA 2023

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Take a view through the list of some of the best neighborhoods in Chesapeake VA! This beautiful city is located in the eastern southern portion of Virginia and is a part of the 7 cities in VA.

The medium price to buy a home in Chesapeake as of June 2023, is $390K, up almost 4% from last year. You can find swanky loft apartments, luxury homes, and small bungalows spread across the beautiful independent city of Chesapeake. And although there are larger cities in the area, Chesapeake is a special place that still has a small-town city charm.

The homes for sale in Chesapeake go fast, and are in high demand let’s chat today about you finding a home in one of the best neighborhoods in Chesapeake VA!

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Pros and Cons of Living in Chesapeake VA 

Pros and Cons lists are always so much fun to do and are an excellent way to collect and view data. Take a good look and let us help you make your up your mind about moving to Chesapeake! We think we already know what you will decide after looking at the obvious benefits of buying a Chesapeake home.


  • Beautiful Parks 

  • Great Schools 

  • New Homes 

  • Established Neighborhoods 

  • Less Crime  

  • Family Friendly 

  • Fun Nightlife 

  • High resale Value 

  • Affordable apartments

  • Small City Vibes

  • Elizabeth River


  • Toll Roads 

  • Jet Noise 

  • VA Income Tax 

Best Places to Live in Chesapeake

Great Bridge Chesapeake VA 

Great Bridge get it’s named after the Battle of Great Bridge that happened during the Revolutionary War. This is one of the best neighborhoods in Chesapeake for families with school-aged children as Great Bridge has some of the best schools in Chesapeake. There is also the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway and a beautiful central library in the downtown area of Great Bridge.

There is a sense of community with a number of parks and recreational facilities, including the Great Bridge Lock Park and a beautiful walking loop around Oak Grove Lake Park. With a mix of plenty of home styles, from charming single-family homes to more luxurious properties, accommodating a range of budgets and lifestyle needs. Be sure to check out the current homes for sale in Great Bridge

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Western Branch North

Western Branch North is another one of the Chesapeake VA best neighborhoods that would be the perfect place to buy a home. Here you will have fast access to I-664 without having it run through your backyard. 

The public schools nearby include Western Branch High School, Western Branch Intermediate School, Churchland Academy Elementary, Western Branch Primary School, and Western Branch Middle School. And they take their sports seriously here. The amazing Little League Western Branch Athletic Club is fun for all ages. Chesapeake Square Mall

Western Branch North is one of the top Chesapeake Virginia neighborhoods, take a look at the current homes for sale in Western Branch. 

Greenbrier West

The area has a suburban feel, with many families and retirees calling Greenbrier West, one of Chesapeake VA’s best neighborhoods home. 

In terms of real estate, Greenbrier West offers a mix of single-family homes and apartments. The area is primarily made up of medium-sized to larger homes, making it an excellent choice for families looking to upgrade.

Greenbrier West also houses the Greenbrier Mall with a movie theater, go-carting, indoor bating cafe, bowling alley, and all the best shopping to explore inside the Greenbriar mall. 

The local residents love walking their dogs around the safe roads, relaxing in the parks, and kids playing on the nearby playgrounds. It’s a convenient option if you work in downtown Chesapeake and other major cities like Virginia Beach and Norfolk.

FAQ About Neighborhoods in Chesapeake VA 

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Greenbrier East

The people who call Greenbrier East home describe themselves as belonging to a variety of racial and ethnic groups and love living in one of the top Chesapeake VA neighborhoods. Here you will be just outside of the busy roads of Greenbrier, while still being just a hop, skip, and jump away. It’s like the best of both worlds. 

The real estate market in Greenbrier East is primarily made up of medium-sized homes and apartment complexes, and most of the residential real estate is owner-occupied. Which means your property value will continue to rise. Greenbrier East is also always voted as one the best neighborhoods in Chesapeake Va for families to reside. 

South Norfolk

Or SoNo as the local loving call it is located right along the Elizabeth River’s southern branch. 464 connects South Norfolk to nearby Portsmouth with the Jordan Bridge. Or could jump on the interstate and be Downtown Norfolk in just minutes.

There are early 19th-century homes with stunning architecture like Classical Revival and Queen Anne styles that can be found around this historic neighborhood. And the younger crowd is stepping in and updating some of the older homes in the area. You will find the outside of the neighborhood lined with coal trucks moving down the railway. Be careful not to get stuck by the train, you may be waiting quite a long time.

Norfolk Highlands

Most of the Norfolk Highlights homes were built between 1970 and 1999 making them not too old but would have needed to be updated. You may be able to find a home that needs some love at a lower cost, or grab an updated home and make living in this Chesapeake neighborhood your dream come true.

There are plenty of shopping options in close proximity to Norfolk Highlights. Including the Southgate shopping plaza and Holly Point shopping center.

Butts Station

Butts Station is one of the oldest Chesapeake neighborhoods. It was one of the 5 stops along the railroad of the eastern coast, that was built back in 1922. Since then Butts Station has quieted down quite a bit and today it is a lovely town, without much action going on. 

The crime rates are 37% lower than in nearby areas making it the safest neighborhood in Chesapeake VA. Moving out to Butts Stations is a great idea if you like the great outdoors and a rural feel of life.

Pleasant Grove

Next up is Pleasant Grove, and you tell by the name that is a very pleasant place to live. There are actually two neighborhoods here Pleasant Grove East, and Pleasant Grove West. Living in either you will have easy access to some of the best nightlife in Chesapeake, with the popular Big Ugly Brewery, Bypass 168 bar, and the local’s favorite movie theater, Cinema Cafe. 

For shopping, you have a Walmart and plenty of small boutiques around. There are also medical centers like the local Sentra Hospital very close by. And the public local schools all have scored at least 8 out of 10! This is one of the best Chesapeake neighborhoods to enjoy a very well-rounded life, while still having a quiet place to lay your head down at night. 


People love living in Hickory. The schools are great, particularly Hickory high school, as they also score one of the highest scores over some of the other neighborhoods in Chesapeake. You will find Hickory out on the outskirts of town, along the Intercoastal Waterway, and on the North Carolina border.

Although Hickory has mostly a country feel, the neighborhood is still near all the best shopping in Chesapeake, and the neighborhoods here make you feel like family. Most homes sold in Hickory are large estates with at least 3 bedrooms and plenty of land. You may even get lucky and have a neighbor with horses.

a big house in one of the best neighborhoods in Chesapeake va

Albemarle Acres

This is one of the new neighborhoods in Chesapeake VA, with only 150 homes built, it has a wonderful small-town feel. Albemarle Acres streets are lined with stately oaks and children can play safely in the neighborhood parks. 

You will be right off Centerville Turnpike with everything you would ever need. The homes here are mostly brick and have at least three bedrooms. If you have your eye on one of the homes for sale in Albemarle Acres, you better act fast, as this is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Chesapeake VA! 

Culpepper Landing

Culpepper Landing sits along the Great Dismal Swamp, if you are not familiar with the Dismal, it is a lot prettier than it sounds. With boat ramps, dog parks, and ample walking and biking trails along the swamp. Living in Chesapeake at Culpepper Landing is perfect for outdoor lovers. 

The commute to the nearby military Norfolk Naval shipyard is a breeze from Culpepper as you will have fast access to major highways. As for the real estate market, you will have your choice between one of the many condos, or single-family homes. The public high school is Grassfield High School, which is always rated as one of the top high schools in Chesapeake VA. 

Indian River

Indian River is one of the most well-known neighborhoods in Chesapeake VA. With friendly locals, plenty of green spaces, big box stores, and amazing nightlife. For seafood lovers, the nearby Wickers Crab Pot brings famous locals like Missy Elliot in for a bite every time she is in town. 

You will also be just a few minutes drive away from Virginia Beach, but the price tag for homes is much lower. This is a great neighborhood in Chesapeake for first-time home buyers, or people looking to downsize into a small home! In the summer you can find the locals planning the 4th of July and block parties with an open invitation to everyone in the neighborhood. 

Deep Creek 

We can’t forget the Deep Creek neighborhood when talking about living in Chesapeake VA. This small town was once one of the biggest cities in Norfolk County along Highway 17. Today it has evolved and is a quiet place to raise a family, with affordable housing options.

It is also along the Great Dismal Swamp and the neighborhood has a beautiful long walking trail hidden in the back that only Deep Creek residents seem to know about. There is also Deep Creek Park to enjoy nearby.

The public local schools for Deep Creek are split between Grassferry and Deep Creek Elementary. Both are excellent schools and continuously score high on standard testing and offer an excellent education. If you are thinking about making the move to Chesapeake, you will love living in Deep Creek. 

Is Chesapeake a Good Area to Live?

Yes! Chesapeake is a good area to live in. It is not as populated as the nearby cities of Norfolk and Virginia Beach so you can still find good real estate deals and live a quiet life in Hampton Roads. Chesapeake is also known as a smaller neighborhood with some of the best parks throughout the state.

Is Deep Creek Chesapeake a Good Place to Live?

Yes! Deep Creek Chesapeake is a good place to live. This is well-established as one of the best neighborhoods in Chesapeake and is a wonderful place to raise a family. It also has plenty for young professionals to enjoy, and for retirees to relax in. The locals highly recommended living in Deep Creek, and you will find residents of all ages enjoying the amenities of Deep Creek. 

Is Chesapeake VA Expensive to Live in?

Yes, Chesapeake VA is expensive to live in, as it is ranked as one of the most expensive cities in America. But Real Estate in Chesapeake is still a tad cheaper than the nearby city of Virginia Beach. And is much cheaper than Northern Virginia. The average price to buy a home in Chesapeake in 2023 is $328,000. 

Is Chesapeake VA Walkable?

No, Chesapeake Va is not walkable, you will need a car to where you are going in Chesapeake. It is mostly built with major highways and strip malls. Some of the neighborhoods in Chesapeake are walkable to nearby attractions, but no Chesapeake is not walkable. 

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